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We search across various expat lenders, from high street banks to international building societies and specialist lenders, to find the perfect fit for your mortgage needs.


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If you’re happy, we’ll provide your Agreement in Principle to clearly outline your potential mortgage terms and solidify your position.


We’ll help you submit your full mortgage application with our expert guidance, ensuring all details are meticulously checked.

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The expert team at UK Expat Mortgage liaises with estate agents, solicitors, and other parties ensuring a smooth process until you have the keys in hand.

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Residential UK Mortgages For Expats In Slovakia

Borrow from £100k

Up to 80% LTV

New purchases and refinancing

Complex income accepted

Buy to Let UK Mortgages For Expats In Slovakia

 Borrow from £100k

Up to 75% LTV

New BTL purchases and refinancing

Rental income and salary accepted

UK Mortgages For Expats In Slovakia - Full Guide

If you are a British expat or a Slovakian foreign national looking to buy property anywhere across the UK, we at UK Expat Mortgage can help you find the right mortgage.

Our mortgage advisors specialize in guiding clients through the range of mortgage options and recommending the most appropriate one for you.

Whether you are interested in overseas mortgages, offset mortgages, bridging loans, professional mortgages, development finance, self-employed mortgages, commercial mortgages, first-time buyer mortgages, home mover mortgages, contractor mortgages, investor visa mortgages, or offshore mortgages, we have the expertise to assist you.

We Can Help With:

  • Mortgages for British expats in Slovakia
  • UK mortgages for British expats buying property in the UK
  • Options for mortgage eligibility and requirements for British expats
  • Property investment opportunities in the UK for British expats
  • Buy-to-let mortgage options for British expats

How to Get a UK Mortgage as a British Expat or Foreign National

Getting a UK mortgage as a British expat or foreign national can be a complex process due to additional checks and complicated paperwork requirements. At UK Expat Mortgage, we specialize in helping clients secure UK mortgages, and we have extensive experience in sourcing mortgage finance for expats and foreign nationals.

Our team of expert mortgage consultants can guide you through the entire mortgage application process, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the requirements and minimizing any disruption or additional costs.

We understand the challenges of supplying the necessary paperwork and identity requirements when applying for a mortgage from overseas, and we can help streamline this process for you.

In addition to assisting with the application process, our team can also work with lenders to present your case more effectively, potentially securing a more favorable mortgage rate.

We understand the complexities of exchanging money across borders and can offer advice on foreign currency transactions to help you navigate this aspect of the mortgage process.

Mortgage application checklist:

  • Gather all necessary documentation, including proof of income and identification.
  • Ensure you meet the minimum mortgage eligibility requirements, such as credit score and income criteria.
  • Consider the different mortgage options available, such as fixed-rate or variable-rate mortgages.
  • Calculate your affordability to determine how much you can borrow and comfortably repay.
  • Consult with a reliable mortgage broker who specializes in expat mortgages to guide you through the process.
UK Mortgage RatesForeign Currency Considerations
Our team will help you explore the current UK mortgage rates and find the most competitive options for your situation.We can provide advice on managing foreign currency transactions related to your mortgage, helping you save on exchange rates and fees.
Fixed-rate mortgages offer stability with set interest rates for a fixed term.Variable-rate mortgages can be advantageous if you anticipate a decrease in interest rates.

By choosing UK Expat Mortgage, you benefit from our extensive experience, largest panel of lenders, and exclusive mortgage offers.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of securing a UK mortgage as a British expat or foreign national. Contact our team of expert mortgage consultants today.

Why Choose UK Expat Mortgage

When it comes to securing a UK expat mortgage, it’s important to choose a specialist who understands the unique challenges and requirements of British expats and foreign nationals living overseas.

That’s where UK Expat Mortgages comes in.

As a dedicated expat mortgage broker, we have years of experience in providing mortgages for British expats and foreign nationals.

What sets us apart is our extensive panel of lenders. This gives us access to a wide range of mortgage options, ensuring that we can find the best solution for your specific needs.

We understand that securing a mortgage can be a complex process, but our team of expert mortgage consultants is here to guide you every step of the way.


What mortgage options are available for British expats or foreign nationals looking to buy property in the UK?

Mortgage options include Overseas Mortgages, Offset Mortgages, Bridging Loans, Professional Mortgages, Development Finance, Self Employed Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages, First Time Buyers, Home Mover Mortgages, Contractor Mortgages, Investor Visa Mortgages, and Offshore Mortgages.

How can UK Expat Mortgage help me find the right mortgage?

UK Expat Mortgage’s advisors can guide you through the range of mortgages available and recommend the most appropriate one for you. They can also provide an illustration of how much the mortgage will cost.

How can UK Expat Mortgage help me secure a UK mortgage as a British expat or foreign national?

UK Expat Mortgage can guide you through the entire mortgage application process, including minimizing disruption and containing costs when supplying the necessary paperwork and identity requirements. They can work with lenders to present your case better and secure a more favorable rate when exchanging money across borders.

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